onsdag 7. desember 2011

Time, week 7

This week I finished my drawing, on the day that we got the whole day to work on it. I was quite satisfied with it, and it expressed time quite well, I think. Here is some feedback I got from the other students:

Roman: I think that the drawing is very well drawn, and as the clock has wings and it is in the sky, shows that time flies, and that is fast time.
Piotr: I think that the drawing is nice, and represents problems that people encounter everyday.
Simen: I like the idea of using an idiom as the idea of the painting. The blue background has a great contrast to the white clouds and wings, and that looks nice. The fact that the clock is in the center puts an emphasis on the time.
Sander: "Simple concept, could have separated the clouds from the wings better.
I agreed with what Sander said, that I could have separated the clouds from the wings better. It looks like some of the clouds were attached to the wings.
I can unfortunately not upload a photo of my drawing, because mr. Roman did not upload it to his blog.

Time, week 6

This week, I drew my drawing on a sheet of A3 paper. I will later transfer it to a smaller peace of paper, and make a frame for it. I will do this on the tuesday the 6th of december.

Time, week 5

This week I could not work on the assignment, because we lost our lessons. I still practised drawing the wings, and I am quite confident now.

Time, week 4

This week, we lost one lesson, and the rest of the lesson I tried to draw the wings. I have not drawn them the way I want, but I will try until I get it right. The rest of the drawing is easy to make, I think.

This week, I have decided to analyse a painting that shows time. Mr. Roman recommended us not to do it in one go, but I thought that that was easier to do.

The painting that I will analyse is called the time, painted by Giovani Rapiti.
I think first of all that this painting is great. It's colours are filling eachother out, and it looks real. You can see how the whole painting is based on the same "boring colour", and I think it is just amazing. This painting is painted not long ago, as Giovanni Rapiti was born in 1954, and is still alive. He has done many paintings to represent time, and this is the best painting he has made, I personally think.

This painting expresses time in many ways, but the most significant way is that humans fight the time. We have more time than we know, but we always stress. This is shown by the person captured in the timeglass, and his "time" is running out. This was what the painter of this painting tried to achieve with this painting.

Another way this expressing time, is the timeglass itself. This is a symbol of time, much like a clock. The fact that the sand in the timeglass is in movement, shows that the person inside the timeglass has little time left, but that depends on the speed of the sand moving. Some people may say that the man has lots of time left, some may say the opposite. That depends on the person. 

The fact that the background is so still and "boring", makes the eye concentrate only on the timeglass and the man inside it. It could be that the sand inside the time glass is sand in a desert, that the man can't come out of, which means that he will die.

The composition of the painting is still, in my opinion. It is like the painter had taken a snapshot, like nothing is moving. Although you can see the sand moving, it is still, because the top of the timeglass is not getting empty.

The reflection of the walls in the cave in the water shows that the water is completely still, which also adds to the complete stillness of the painting.