onsdag 7. desember 2011

Time, week 7

This week I finished my drawing, on the day that we got the whole day to work on it. I was quite satisfied with it, and it expressed time quite well, I think. Here is some feedback I got from the other students:

Roman: I think that the drawing is very well drawn, and as the clock has wings and it is in the sky, shows that time flies, and that is fast time.
Piotr: I think that the drawing is nice, and represents problems that people encounter everyday.
Simen: I like the idea of using an idiom as the idea of the painting. The blue background has a great contrast to the white clouds and wings, and that looks nice. The fact that the clock is in the center puts an emphasis on the time.
Sander: "Simple concept, could have separated the clouds from the wings better.
I agreed with what Sander said, that I could have separated the clouds from the wings better. It looks like some of the clouds were attached to the wings.
I can unfortunately not upload a photo of my drawing, because mr. Roman did not upload it to his blog.

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  1. I really like the way you comment your own painting. Your evaluation is well developed and you can clearly see that you have spent much time deliberating. My main concern with your evaluation is the lack of speech marks succeeding Sander's citation of which I suggest should be taken into consideration if you later were to scrutinise this blog entry and/or proof read for further enhancement of the respective assignment delivery.
    Otherwise very well done...